About Newton Circle

Newton Circle is a design company specializing in web development.  Our clients span the nation, but we are located in Killeen, TX.

Jonathan Packer

Founder, Developer/Designer

Jonathan enjoys living in places that he has never lived before, like the mountains of North Carolina or the Philippines. Other past homes include Austin, Singapore, Atlanta, various swaths of Suburbia, and even a tiny town in East Texas. He currently lives in Killeen, Texas, because he has never done the military town thing. What’s next? Maybe nothing–Killeen’s a great town.

Jonathan began designing websites in 1999 after learning how to select “View Source” from his browser’s File menu. He founded Newton Circle in 2006.

Strategic Partners

Nick Huff


Nick serves as Newton Circle’s design expert on most projects. He has worked in all areas of graphic design including websites, print, identity branding, and even the illustrations for a children’s book.


Skeebo (Photo by Skeebo)

Photography | photobyskeebo.com

With over 20 years of experience as a professional photographer, Photo By Skeebo specializes in corporate photography.

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